The Fascinating Mind of an Almost Two-Year-Old

photo2Ever since my son was born I have had this growing desire to want to get to know him as a person.  I’ve wanted to see his little personality develop, to communicate with him, and get to know his likes and dislikes.  Well, something suddenly has seemed to happen with my almost two-year old because personality and language seem to be growing at an exponential rate these days.

What has been enjoyable this past month is that I think my son is better at understanding words said to him.  Let’s start with the “listening to directions” department.  My son will (sometimes) fetch an object across the room and bring it to me when asked.  Just the other night, I was picking up toys into a bin, and I invited my son help put a toy in the bin.  To my surprise, not only did he pick up that toy, but every toy on the floor in his near vicinity. That was not expected, but I’d sure love to see it again soon.

Another joy has been watching my son play with sounds and words. He currently has an enjoyable language of his own that sounds like a real language with similar pauses and inflections and a few real words scattered here and there.  It sounds something like, “Blah blah blah blah, okay, blah blah apple, blah, blah, daddy, blah.”  The fun part of all this is that he is producing more words on his own and saying them with greater accuracy.  We went on a walk this week, and he was able to communicate with me that there were pine cones on the grass.  He also pointed to my drink the other day while saying “coffee”.  Did I really teach you that, or did you just hear mommy talking about coffee frequently and pick up on it?

I am continually amazed at how my little toddler is a sponge.  He is so curious about the world (at times a little too curious) and clever about how to solve problems.  It is amazing what my son is able to discover on his own; he now knows how to put on his shoes (on the wrong feet). I know it can be frustrating for my son because he cannot always communicate what he wants, and what he wants can’t always happen for his safety and well-being.  It is not always a piece of cake to communicate with him, but I have to remind myself how many thousands of new connections his brain must be making everyday.  No wonder he needs a nap each day, and I sometimes do too.


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