Three Links

not quite so many children as the Fishers
Not quite so many children as the Fishers …

Hmm, feels a little bit like cheating to start a blog and then just post links instead of writing something, right? … but these are truly what I most want to share with you right now …

ONE: How One-Year-Olds Figure Out the World.  Christine’s post about her almost-two-year-old reminded me of this article I saw over the weekend.  Babies act like little scientists – they explore the world logically and systematically.  “Like the ideal scientists proposed by the philosopher of science Karl Popper, babies are always on the lookout for a fact that falsifies their theories.”  So cool!  Shortly after reading this article, Pete & I pondered exactly what theory Elizabeth was testing as she repeatedly hit her head on the china cabinet …

TWO: Life in a Family of Twelve.  This beautiful photo essay shows the life of my favorite blogger, Simcha Fisher, who writes at I Have to Sit Down.  She recently had her tenth baby … I’m not sure I’m aiming for ten, but overall the family life shown here is very much what I am striving for!  Siblings helping & loving one another, a house full of messy independence … take a look – it’s just beautiful.

And because I’m a little OCD and think that two links can’t make a list, I have to add a third …

THREE: That Coca-Cola Commercial.  This was all over the Internet maybe a year ago, so you’ve probably already seen it, but if you’re anything like me, it can still make you cry every time!  I wonder if Simcha & Damien Fisher have had nine moments like this one …?

I’ll be back next week, maybe with more links, maybe with some actual writing 🙂


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