Redeem that Stained Pillow!


A bright orange stain showed up on my favorite pillow. It was $7 at Target – a real steal – so I thought it worth both cleaning, and upgrading. That’s the weird way my mind works. The things I pay the least for are the most valuable, or so I think.


I wanted a way to remove only the cover for cleaning. That meant adding a zipper or buttons. But who has time for that? Then I had a vision of all the lovely clothes littering the mudroom, waiting for a happy home. They are cast offs. Surely, I can borrow the buttons and button holes – an entire set – from one of them. Enter a new dress shirt that never fit Erik. The one I chose coordinates nicely with the main color and fabric of the original pillow. I was surprised how much I liked it right away, since grey is such a drab color, or so I think.


I pilfered the best parts, cut, ripped seems, sewed, flipped, and came up with this. I’m really pleased with the result. I would only do one thing differently. It would look better with the other side of the pillow if I had lined up the seems of the shirt insert with the seems of the detailing on the main side. In my Mom Brain reasoning, I decided against that because I thought it would get too bulky. But, of course, in a pillow the two sides never lie together since they are separated by fluff. So it wouldn’t have mattered. Oh well! I’m still pleased with the result – a DIY removable pillow cover. Let me know if you’d like me to post a tutorial!

Mary Clare


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