a revolution of joy

Life can be joyful, even if you are stuck inside a laundry basket
Life can be joyful, even if you are stuck inside a laundry basket

The Lord wants to see a revolution of joy!

We have given in to disappointment, discontentedness, discouragement, depression, and despair.  The Lord NEVER wants us to live like that!

He has better for us.  He has joy for us.  He wants us to reach out and take it.  He wants us to be a people full of joy.  He wants us to have a revolution of joy.

I was moved to give these words at a prayer meeting several weeks ago.  I’ve wanted to share them here, but have struggled to frame them or comment on them, to explain how they came about or what they’ve meant to me.  In the end, I think I’ve decided to leave these words mostly alone.  I truly believe they are from the Lord, and I don’t think I can add much myself 😉

Only one comment I want to make – that this word is not a rebuke.  The Lord is not angry at us for failing to live in joy; He’s angry at all the forces that rob us of our joy.  He wants us to know we are not trapped, we are not stuck, we do not have to accept unhappiness in our everyday lives.  He wants us to know it is possible for us to live with greater joy.  It will take work on our part – really, a lot of work – but also grace on His, and He wants us to know that grace is available.

Come, Lord Jesus!  Come, Holy Spirit!  Show us the path to Your joy!


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