Friendship and Motherhood


I recently had a play date with another mom and her kids.  The morning of the play date I felt really tired because I  didn’t sleep well the night before.  I kept waking up during the night worried about not being able to sleep. thus losing more sleep.  That morning getting my toddler’s diaper changed was a battle, getting him to put on pants was a battle, putting him into the car seat was a battle.  Plus, I spent a good deal of time that morning making a childproofing contraption out of cardboard and duct tape to prevent him from touching the buttons on the side of the TV.  (As of editing this post, the contraption has fallen apart).

So, that morning I called my friend to tell her it would be at least 15 minutes before we might even be getting into the car.  It would then be another 15 minutes to get to her house.  As I drove there I realized my eyes were a little hazy, and that I should have stopped to get coffee on the way and had missed my chance.  I got to her house, and she greeted my with her usual, “would you like a cup of tea?”  I love tea, so I immediately responded with, “as long as it’s caffeinated YES please!”  She then offered me some deliciously flavored coffee that was still on the pot.

We sat in her living room and had a normal mom conversation that soon delved into a more deep conversation.  Our little ones played together (and occasionally we both refereed squabbles over sharing toys). Sitting on her comfy chair and drinking coffee was a gift from the Lord.  Her friendship at that moment was a gift from the Lord.  Friendship and support are one of the best gifts we can give to each other as moms.  Whether she knew it or not, her time spent with me gave me renewed energy to make it through the day.

Let me not forget to pray for fellow moms both local and afar, who are a gift to me.  Let me always be ready to look for ways to support these moms in prayer and friendship.  Let me be ready to reach out to moms I do not know.  Let me be an encouragement to them.



5 thoughts on “Friendship and Motherhood

  1. Friendship sure is sweet. I marvel that despite how busy, frazzled, and pre-occupied we seem, we can still be truly present to each other. I can think of many a similar moment with other women – such as you! – when the empathy and camaraderie carried me through.


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