“No storm can shake my inmost calm” Reflections on Crummy Situations

The Great Crash of 2009
The Great Crash of 2009

“…While to that Rock I’m clinging…”

I’m sitting here at the gym, not working out. It’s been a rough week, vehicle-y speaking. (The above photo of the worst wreck I’ve ever seen is one of the few things that didn’t happen regarding my car this week. No, that piece of work happened several years ago in the middle of the night. Luckily, I wasn’t in the car and no one was hurt.) But the way this week has gone, I could feel something like I did when I walked out my front door and saw that for the first time.

Monday: slowly flattening tire. I did make it to the gas station to partially fill it up and managed to not get mugged in the process. It’s since been fixed by some nice fellas at the dealership.

Friday: waited to load the kids until the police car outside finished whatever it was doing there in case a neighbor was being dangerous, then got out to it only to realize that instead they were after me, of all people. Expired tabs.

Today: getting stuff from my car that’s been hiding it’s expired tabs in the garage, l locked my only set of keys inside.

So, you see, I have all sorts of reasons to beat myself up. There’s money wasted in taking care of these items, guilt over not getting a second key sooner, (and why did I buy that car in the first place?), feeling cheated by the used car guy who sold it to me, feeling like it’s all my fault, etc. I was tempted to get a treat on the way to the gym. I sat down at the gym tempted to fret about it all, but I thought of my husband who’s so patient with me, and the words of this song came to mind. “No storm can shake my inmost calm…” I’ve always thought you had to be really beaten up to be justified in singing this. You know, like people who have lost a child can sing this at a funeral. And that’s certainly true. But I realize that even in lesser cases of drama and trauma, we can cling to God like a rock. And the storm of my mind as I mentally process vehicle issues and feelings of irresponsibility is still a storm.

So I took a breath, sat down, put my feat up, and read a complementary magazine.

Peace out,


Quoted items are lyrics to the tune, How Can I Keep from Singing by Robert Lowry, 1826-1899.


2 thoughts on ““No storm can shake my inmost calm” Reflections on Crummy Situations

  1. I like your characterization of such situations as “crummy” 🙂 That’s such a good word to describe something that’s not life-changing but still quite a bummer! Keep on clinging to the Rock, and I agree it’s appropriate to do so even for the merely “crummy.”


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