What Just Happened?

Both kids are quiet,

And asleep,

Or very near, 

That blissful state.

What just happened?

  • I didn’t follow our routine (such as it isn’t).
  • The baby was over-tired.
  • Even when not over-tired he rarely/never goes down without a fight.
  • I planned to let him cry it out this evening.
  • He’s not in jammies.
  • She’s not bathed.
  • She didn’t nap today.
  • He didn’t nap (except in the car – doesn’t count!) today.
  • She’s probably teething.
  • She’s probably scarred emotionally by being in day care when I’m at the gym.

This shouldn’t be happening.

I suspect it has to do with magic potions. There are none that I’ve found to work. No matter what combination I try of: Tylenol for teething, Tylenol only if we remember it 30 minutes before seep time, Hylands for teething, just Tylenol/no Hylands, just Hylands/no Tylenol, Tylenol for growing pains, no Tylenol because it riles her up, getting them down before the clock strikes 7:30, letting them show tiredness signs, not caring about tiredness signs but sticking to the time, sticking to the routine exactly, being a very soothing person (ha!), being a very commanding person, minimizing distraction, allowing distraction so that they learn to sleep through it, saying “shhhh, shhhhh, shhhhhh, sh, sh, shussssssh” in that exact way – no matter what we try and in what order and what combination, none are reliable!


There is no magic potion.

Tonight, they went down well.

Thank you Jesus. It’s what I asked for.


One Confused Mama



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