More Creative Outlets for Moms with an Artist’s Sole

Mary posted her fabulous toy creations here. She asked us to share what things we do to add life and creativity to the home and to play time. So, Mary, this one’s for you!


Picked up this beautiful old mirror from the side of the road. Put it in the porch for cleaning and restoration during naptime (that’s a joke! I didn’t catch it at the time, but I bet you did! I’m still learning that my plans are not The God of Naptimes’ plans.)


Anyways, I didn’t get to it for several days, and it’s still not ready to hang, but the kids got to it! They play in front of it frequently, and it’s allowed me to make many a meal while it watches my kids (pun alert!). And I can watch them more easily because I can see them better through the mirror! It’s like having eyes in the back of my head from the front of my head towards the back of their heads seeing the front of their heads. In other words – a super power. For my extroverted kids, it’s a real God-send. If no one else is around, they talk to themselves. I love when things are used/reused outside their intended purpose.

ELSURFACEPRO2 - WIN_20150617_145651

This one might be my favorite reuse/upcycle! I’ll give you 3 guesses what this tote is made from. (The innards, not the plainly visible parts, for all you smarties out there!;) )


Isn’t this sooo random?! I know! I love random, and when it’s something unexpectedly beautiful and ordered, I just want to share it! I’ve had this ready for you for a few weeks. I’m disappointed in this baby food grinder, and maybe I’ll post a product review some day, but, man, doesn’t it make a pretty flower design out of mushed carrots?! Just had to share. When I see random lovely stuff like this, I try to share it with my kids, too. God’s creation is awe-inspiring, once we see it. And it’s amplified when we share it.

I’m so inspired by Mary’s post, that there’s lots more to say. But my toddler is crying in her crib, poor baby. Nap time may be a wash today. My husband with the better parenting instincts thinks she may have the tummy ache that brother and Mommy are just now getting over. I think I’ll go see if there’s anything I can do for her.




One thought on “More Creative Outlets for Moms with an Artist’s Sole

  1. Oh how fun!! Mirrors are endless sources of amusement around here too. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! I need to find a big one like that so I can have super powers too!


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