Joshy Can Now Crawl, and I am Not the Only One Crying about It


This just cracks me up! I wrote a whole post about not wanting my son to reach a major milestone (crawling – YIKES!!!), but trying to be happy about it regardless. When it actually happened very recently, I was resigned/excited/resigned, but wanted to cry. And yell. And whine. And kick. And stomp, and most of all, to make it stop. And guess who actually cried?! The big boy himself. That’s some sort of poetic justice.

It’s fitting that he gained this independence just in time for the celebration of our country’s Independence Day. And, to be quite honest he is not generally unhappy about his accomplishment. I confess that I made him cry. But it’s my husband’s fault. You see, I took the video that produced the above still at his behest while he was at work. It was only the 2nd time he’d taken his new all fours for a spin, and Erik hadn’t seen it yet. He requested a video. I obliged by taking away the crinkly thing Josh was playing with, and putting it in crawling distance. This is a boy who likes his toys. Oh boy, does he ever. He cried and whined and wanted it back. But I made him crawl to go get it. So he cried some more while crawling.

My conclusion is that I was right! Crawling is no fun.

Actually, I’m really ok with this development. I am happy for him, and even, as I said, a little excited. I think it’s because I love the kid. A friend once pointed out one of the best features of love: ‘it doesn’t stop on a dime’. It compels us to go further and do more than we would otherwise do. In my case, this means that I’m moving past all sorts of fears and hesitations (most of which are based in selfishness or satan – the JERK (and that’s putting it lightly)!), and landing in a place where my emotions are more positive regarding this stage of parenting. This also means that my floors will soon be the clean that they deserve, and I will work off some pounds running after the kid.

Which brings up a burning question. How do you clean floors? We have hardwood, tile, and a rug over hardwood in our main living areas. Seriously, I don’t know how to efficiently clean them, and I actually can’t seem to get spills cleaned up from the wood floor. It’s a small house, so I’d prefer just 1 mop thing-y for the whole shebang. We have little/no storage space for cleaning items. I don’t know what solutions to use, whether there’s a really cool gadget that sweeps AND cleans (please tell me that there is!), etc. It’s like I’ve never cleaned before. Oh, wait, I haven’t. At least not in this house. Just like a baby needs to crawl before they can walk, I need to do the dishes before I can mop.

The end, (but please tell me in the comments how to clean my floors),

Miss Mary Clare


2 thoughts on “Joshy Can Now Crawl, and I am Not the Only One Crying about It

  1. Hey dear – I don’t have a “one step” solution but you’ve got “it’s a small house” going for you! Since you’ve got a rug, I recommend vacuuming everything (rug – lift up the edges every other time, wood and tile) then mop or hand wipe the wood and tile surfaces with a water vinegar mix. Natural, cheap and little to no storage space – vacuum, mop or rag, vinegar and a bucket, I’m guessing you’ve probably got a form of all this already! If you don’t mind an added step – or if your baby is terrified of the vacuum like mine, you could sweep the tile and wood rather than vacuum. Fun stuff! šŸ™‚ Or just put knee pads on Joshy – best of luck!


  2. Hi Laura! I am sure you are right: hands and knees is best. It’s definitely what my mother would do, and her mom, and her mom. Hats off to you for taking the most legit route. I just feel that I would be doing this 5 times per day, and I’m hesitating to put my body through that. Maybe it would be a good way to fast though…will think about it! šŸ™‚

    And the vacuum for all – duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe because we keep it behind a baby gate and it comes out about as frequently as the full moon. šŸ™‚


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