what’s on my mind

two cuties looking at Dada instead of the camera
two cuties looking at Dada instead of the camera

If this were Friday, I’d do a Seven Quick Takes post … alas (really, truly, ALAS) it is only Tuesday, so maybe we’ll just call it a Random Thoughts post and see how many I come up with …

  1. We were back from vacation for about a week when my toddler came down with a slight fever & tummy-ache, and this particular sickness brought some behavior issues in its wake.  Out of respect for my little one, I won’t tell you stories about it, except to say we had an exceptionally bad day together Monday.  That night I asked a friend if she’d ever had similar issues with her child post-illness, and she said that (1) grandma’s house and (2) sickness were the two life events from which she always needed to “detox” her child.  Both events can give a child the impression that he or she is the center of the universe.  Well … I think my mom (and other relatives we visited) did a great job not spoiling the kids, but even so, vacation plus sickness … maybe that’s why we had such a horrible day.  Still detoxing here.
  2. On a related note, have you heard the expression “A mother is only as happy as her least happy child”?  I HAVE to find a way to escape that experience.  Because seriously … toddlers are unhappy a lot, and it doesn’t make sense for me to have a bad day because we’re not having macaroni & cheese for dinner.
  3. Our family just watched Frozen for the first time.  In the two weeks since we borrowed it from a friend, Maggie has seen it probably a dozen times, so predictably, she has been running around the house with a crown on singing/shouting “Let it go, let it GO” a lot.  It’s pretty cute, especially when she gets the words wrong (“I wonder where the earth and skyyy…”)  But here’s my beef with the movie: “Let it Go” is musically a fantastic song.  It is sooo catchy.  I want to sing it too!  But thematically, it’s disappointing.  It’s celebrating the moment when Elsa finally “lets it go” and … accidentally causes serious harm to everyone else in Arendelle.  Not really the high point of the movie, in my opinion.  There are some GREAT moments at the end of the movie – Anna saving Elsa’s life, Elsa learning that love is the way to control her magical powers … but there isn’t any catchy music to keep us in that part of the movie.  Disappointing.
  4. Over the past four years, I have tried & tried to figure out a way to get my kids involved with the poor.  I want them to grow up knowing the faces of the people in our community who need help!  But it has turned out to be pretty challenging to find an activity that fits our abilities and the baby’s nap schedule.  As we prepare for Maggie to start preschool in the fall, and look forward to the birth of our third little girl in December, I know it will be even more complicated.  And I’ve been bummed by that lately, and missing the personal connection to the homeless community that I used to have.  So I was grateful to read Kendra’s post today about living out the Works of Mercy at home!  I’m trying to remember that loving one another here at home will train all of us to be the most loving people we can be.  Someday, I hope, we’ll be able to put that training to use in personal service to the poor.
  5. Reader Participation time!  For an upcoming blog post, I’d like to talk about giving advice to new moms, and receiving advice as a new mom.  If you have a story to share, from either position, I would love to hear it!  You can email me at uncommonmotherhood at gmail.com.  What I want to know is – who was giving the advice – what was the relationship?  What was the advice about, and how was it communicated?  How was the advice received, and how did that affect the subsequent relationship?

I hope to be back next week with some more coherent thoughts.  Until then, God bless you!


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