True Story: a Toddler Learns of God and Creation

Yooking side. (trans. Looking outside).
Yooking side. (trans. Looking outside).

Our toddler wanted a story before nap time. We were all the way upstairs, and mere seconds away from that blissful period, but she wanted a story from the “book. big booook!”, and the baby – for once – wasn’t needy, and her request was sincere, and I figured a one time delay wouldn’t become a habit – horror of horrors!, so I capitulated to the request. We opened to a children’s book version of the creation story, and I wearily began to read.

The words and illustrations call for more than weariness (until the seventh day, that is, and even then only if you’re God – ha!), and so naturally I began putting some expression into them. I even paused a couple of times to wonder aloud with her. ‘Just look around, Rebecca, this room, everything in it, you, everything outside; God made all of it!’ Now, normally I am focused to a fault. If we are reading a story, we are READING THE STORY, no interjections. And if it is nap time, it is NAP TIME, no interruptions. It’s a pretty big deal that I strayed from both tasks.

I am glad that I did, because a couple of days later either during breakfast, second breakfast, snack, 11-sies, or lunch (they all run together both, literally and in my memory), Rebecca was saying something about something outside the window that was next to her.

Rebecca: “Yook! Side.”  Translation: “Look outside!”

Me: “What do you see, Sweetie?”

Rebecca: “Gog!” Translation: “God!”

Yes, Little Honey, God is outside, because he made it. God is here too. Right next to you and right inside you. He even made that tree, right there. And Mommy and Daddy and Brother. And thank you for presenting such immediate and clear proof that a tiny thing I did to connect with you and teach you actually worked. It’s rewarding for me personally, and a fun little praise moment during a meal.

Love to you,

Miss Mary Clare


3 thoughts on “True Story: a Toddler Learns of God and Creation

  1. Wonderful!

    The other day I heard the three year old say, “God made me. God made EVERY thing. I love him. He’s the best God ever.”

    Couldn’t help but feel my heart soar on that one.

    How lucky are we to be in on the beginning of our children’s relationships with God??

    Liked by 1 person

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