It’s Been a Big Week…for My Living Room

PicMonkey Collage 2 before

Here’s a small sample of our living room situation over the last year. Yes, it has been quite a Situation. Occupying most of my angst and nearly all of my HGTV fantasies. The brownish black metal futon graced by my unshaved legs (lower right) itself graced our living rooms for the last 3+ years. It’s very comfortable. As a bed. For guests. Once a year. That’s about all I can say about it without hurting its feelings. So, I think you can imagine my eagerness to pitch it to the curb (or, more accurately, relegate it to the basement). Just this evening I am realizing the extent of my dislike for the looks of our living room. I have photos showing the layout of every room in our home. Except the living room. Close-ups of lovely people are about all the room could boast. And, thankfully, I do have many of those! So you may find it difficult to share my distaste for the room as it existed until this week. The futon is now in the basement! Erik’s men’s group delivered a previously enjoyed real couch last week, and also moved into the room the only piece of real life new furniture I have ever purchased (a large bookcase).

PicMonkey Collage during

Now, as of today, we boast what you see above. And I admit that it’s not much to look at. The couch is far nicer (though dated in pattern); it has a cover, but the color is primary red (I’m not sure I love it, but I may end up adoring it); there’s lots of clutter; some glass in the built-in is broken; I may never achieve comfortable seating for 8 (it’s a very small, broken up space); and my handsome husband has just finished taping up a bunch of holes in the wall and ceiling. You see, the room had some visitors a week ago: a nice police man and 2 nice firemen. We smelled smoke after a circuit blew. There was no immediate danger that night. So we called in Jim the Electrician, who came this morning. He poked around (at) the walls and found what he called a “smoking gun” and “ticking time bomb” in our 100+ year old (but 1 year old to us) home. He’s fixed the immediate issue and will be back to finish some residual issues. For all of those who know about things like this, I must apologize. We’ve reached the end of my understanding of the technical details.


Rather than bemoan yet another $1000+ repair out of our budget, I’m getting some peace thinking about this scripture passage that’s on the wall. Really, what is money, time, dust, and worry over lead paint contamination in the kids, when compared with love? It conquers all of that.


Then there’s this. The poppy painting that’s been relocated from said living room to the pirate-inspired corner of the dining room to make a place for the bookcase. I love this corner. And I love pirate jokes. (What’s a pirates favorite automobile?) I need some more jokes in my arsenal. The world needs more pirate jokes. Please, for the love of everything that’s holy, send me some new pirate jokes in the comment section. Thank you in advance!


Also, oddly, this scrap of Trident gum wrapper that I found when vacuuming out the couch has been a huge boon to my mode today. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned tonight. Sweep, then vacuum, then wipe down, then vacuum again, vacuum the vacuum, etc. We really went through the drill to try to get the living room livable again. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and remembering how much every one should pity me (after all, we’ve had major plumbing issues in the house too! And when my wee babe was only 7 weeks old! and we had to move out! and! and! AND!). And then I saw a gum wrapper below the cushion of the couch, and I knew that the world was ok. It’s a perfectly ordinary thing, you know, a gum wrapper in the bowels of a couch. And the electrical issues, and every trouble that may come along with them, submit to this perfectly normal, trivial little mess that any normal person will find in a couch from time to time. It doesn’t really make sense to me that this would clarify my mind so well. But it does.

And. I am being summoned to the nursing babe. Must go.

Good night friends! I look forward to welcoming you to my living room, some day!

Mary Clare


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