The Little Things

If I had to ask God for one gift each day it would be for patience.  I really need it right now.  I am struggling with the little things each day that require patience.   It is trying not to lose my temper when my son spits water on the couch or when he has a potty accident a few feet from his little potty.  (He is not trained yet.  We are in the child-interested-to-get-to-know-the-potty-phase).  Patience is not getting mad when the check out line at Aldi is too long, and I have the loudest toddler in the store.   It is being calm when my toddler collapses in protest in the entryway to the gym (blocking other members) because he cannot push the elevator button that is near the door.  It is not getting annoyed when I change a wet diaper only to have to change it a minute later because he had to go again.

Patience is needed for the ordinary things somehow require a great deal of effort.  For example, at Aldi, after I pay and bag my groceries, I take my son and the cart out to the car. I pop trunk, load the groceries, and wheel the cart back with my son. Then we push the cart into the cart corral and get our quarter back.  We go back to the car. I load him in his seat. I get in the car, and then I sigh a sigh of relief and exhaustion.  Our shopping trip was a success. We made it.

So when the other day, a nice older gentleman offered to take our cart back and give us a quarter, I was blessed.  He even waited for me to unload the groceries and put my son in the car.  He said, “I bet this will help you out to make it easier.”  That was so kind of him. It is these little gestures that make my day and make me feel like this mom thing is not too overwhelming.  It is so nice when people really want to help, genuinely smile at my son, and don’t just tell me I have my hands full.  (Yes, people tell me that with ONE kid, but to give them credit I am usually carrying a lot of actual things in my hands at times.)  Happy Wednesday!


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