super easy ice cream cake! photo tutorial


Tomorrow is my sweet Maggie’s birthday, so that’s what my week is mostly about.  What better way to share life with you all than to share my cake-making adventure?

Mags originally requested chocolate cupcakes, but I tactfully steered her away from that choice because Pete & I don’t eat chocolate in the evenings.  (Mom Of The Year.)  When she mentioned wanting ice cream on her birthday too, I suggested ice cream cake, and she loved the idea.  Mom win!


one package oreos (real ones were on sale, but I’m sure generic would be fine)

2 packages (or one big package) cool whip (I used generic)

1-2 containers ice cream; I wanted two different flavor “layers” but I used half-ish of each container

M&Ms for decoration


Set all ingredients out on the counter so the ice cream can soften up.  Line the bottom of a springform pan with parchment or wax paper.  (If you plan to serve the cake in the pan, you can skip this step, and you can also use whatever kind of pan you want.)


Spread a layer of cool whip in the bottom of your pan – just enough to sink some oreos into.  Surprisingly, this took almost half a container of cool whip.  Set the oreos in, breaking them up when needed to cover the bottom of the pan fairly consistently.


Scoop the first layer of ice cream in.  I chose chocolate marshmallow to honor Maggie’s preference for chocolate (hoping it doesn’t keep me up tomorrow night).


Use a spatula to spread it out more evenly.


Repeat the cool whip and oreos step … my package of oreos ran a tiny bit short of covering the whole circle again.  No biggie.


Scoop the second layer/flavor of ice cream in.  I didn’t bother to press this one down because I knew I would be filling it in with more cool whip.


Put the cake back in the freezer for awhile, covered tightly with plastic wrap.  Mine was in the freezer for about five hours and was definitely firm enough when I took it out again.  Here’s a shot from after I removed the sides of the pan; I used a plastic knife to cut between the cake & the pan first to make sure it wouldn’t stick.  I then slid it off of the pan bottom (super easy with the parchment) and onto a large plate.


I “frosted” the cake with most of my second container of cool whip, then decorated it with M&Ms.  If I had to do this over again I would try to find some pink & purple M&Ms for my girly girl, but I think she’ll like this!

Storage: Mine is currently setting in the freezer, and I’ll cover it with plastic wrap after the cool whip has hardened.  There may be a better way to do this, so feel free to comment if you know 🙂

Happy birthday Maggie, and happy Wednesday/Thursday to all of you!


One thought on “super easy ice cream cake! photo tutorial

  1. Love it! I think for my niece Kate’s ice cream cake, I used a plastic leftover container (or a mixing bowl?) over the top during that last stage of freezing. Whatever it was, it was big enough to mot touch the cake but small enough to rest on the plate edge. This did require a large amount of free space in our small apartment freezer, bit really that’s the best time to clean out a freezer, isn’t it? When it’s a labor of love involving chocolate, ice cream, and birthdays. 🙂


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