Housekeeping Joke of the Day

So, I’ve had “go through piles” on my list of things to do for about 3 months now. These “piles” include, well, I don’t know what. They are black holes and history lessons. They are vestiges of lives in other homes and lives bejeweled with parties, 3 minutes before which parties I stow the black hole under the bed, in a corner, or above the refrigerator cabinets, and most of my brain forgets about them except that tiny portion of the medulla oblongata that controls feelings of peace and contentment. So, finally, about 3 months ago, I put “go through piles” on my short list of long projects. I figured that by the end of this coming winter, I really OUGHT to have some time to go through them, and my medulla oblongata would surely thank me. Win-win.

That was 3 months ago, give or take 2 months.WP_20151017_21_05_04_Pro

Then this beautiful china cabinet came into our lives since we accidentally went to Art Crawl in St. Paul. So, naturally, we had to make room for it. In so doing, our office became again a Walk at Your Own Risk zone. So, un-naturaly, I set my mind to going through boxes. Boxes of books came out to play in the bookcase that had been where the new old china cabinet now resides. Boxes of files were consolidated. Except that one black hole in one filing box was large and in charge. It wasn’t sharing it’s space nicely with my files from 2 jobs ago, so I said “what IS this?”, couldn’t find a label (which is very un-like me), yanked it out, and began going through it.

It was emotional, or would have been if I had let it. It was EOBs and medical claim forms from my time on bed rest that I never really handled correctly, random home insurance and (hopefully) paid energy bills, etc. All of it from before we bought our home. I bore up and sorted through the entire huge thing, most of it going in the burn pile but some into recycling. Having come to the end of the contents I flipped the folder over thinking that it had held up pretty nicely for all the emotional junk it had been carrying around for years, and THEN, only then, did I see the label “recycling” (ie: burn all of this it has already been gone through). I had already gone through the darn thing, probably with the same but heightened emotions, right before we moved, and stowed it away because we had no time to burn things back then.

So, I went through a pile! Only to find out it was a pile that had already been gone through. I’m going to go-ahead and make myself feel better by saying that if a pile has been re-piled and fed to the gods of the black hole, then it still counts as organizing if you go through it a second time.

Also, on Sunday I moved 5 random screws from 5 random things-they-had-fallen-out-of from my dresser top to these nifty see-through screw-together hardware organizers that we got at Menards for $0.49 each.

So, naturally, we’re making progress in going through piles.


Thank you, china cabinet.

And welcome to the family.


Mary Clare


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