Another Frumpy Friday Summer Summary (And I Realize It’s not Friday, nor Summer)


No, it is no longer summer. It is Autumn. We had a nice, friendly walk with our buddies the other day. If it looks peaceful, soak it all in. And breath. And soak it in some more. Maybe close your eyes and visualize the water and smell the fresh air.


Okay, now you can open your eyes. For contrast, I left my kitchen like this on Thursday.


And this.




So the lovely crackly-leaved, brisk air, calming breeze autumn has felt more like this.


And this. Our “Mud Room”. I don’t know how to use a Mud Room. Can you tell? One of these weeks I’m gonna walk you through the place 360 degrees and get some help from ya’ll for how to handle this porch turned pantry turned dumping ground.


New couch covering mock-up was a complete fail. I may have to – gasp – BUY fabric! That’s hard to digest.


Hey! A newly sparkly 100 year old door knob and plate! THAT’S something I left clean when I left the house. I plan to clean all our hardware with lemon juice and baking soda (they’ve never been painted). The living room, especially, needs the added luster. It’s a small, dark room. And I love the purple undertones!

WP_20151025_20_31_19_Pro (2)

This is the before shot. Cleaning definitely improved it! (It actually was the best looking, even before cleaning, since it was the inner set of a closet door.) Most of our hardware is much darker due to build up of grime from hands. (Gross. (Sorry.)) In conclusion, yes, I am taking away that “oil rubbed bronze” (ie: old black) look that everyone is now buying to achieve antique-looking, quality hardware. But I think the cavemen would be proud of my move, so I am at peace.


Brother went straight up to big sister and just had to be near her.


Man, do I love their little relationship.


Prep materials for a retreat I’m helping with sit in front of our new washing machine. Wait, no, our dryer is in the background. Anyways, it (the washing machine) was delivered yesterday, and somehow much water appeared during the test cycle. So we’re not out of the woods, er, river, metaphorically speaking.


Crockpot Greek Chili with many modifications based on the ingredients we had vs. didn’t have and some energy-saving short cuts.

These pictures do speak. To me they say “it’s been a rough few weeks but there’s a small amount of work I have accomplished, I have cooked for dear husband once or twice, and my kids are still alive and stinkin’ cute.” The subtext is, “even if I am ill for the rest of my life and the work and laundry pile up and threaten take over, I know who wins in the end. Jesus. So what I choose to focus on is radical discipleship. I’ll take a deep breath and do my best to kick the ickies to the curb, rest when I need to, and walk on the rest of the time, doing everything I can with our Lord’s help.”




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