reading, watching, listening …

I’m stealing this concept from my all-time favorite blogger Simcha Fisher.  It’s a fun, quick way to share a little glimpse of my daily life with y’all.  Here goes …

I’m reading … Katrina: After the Flood

It’s an absolutely fascinating account of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the recovery effort.  I never knew much of what happened after the storm, so I’m learning a ton about New Orleans, and about the politics of trying to bring a city back after such destruction.  If you don’t have time to read a nice thick book, check out this piece by Rivlin in the New York Times Magazine.

I’m watching … actually, I am NO LONGER WATCHING Tremé.  A couple months ago, Pete and I started watching the HBO series Tremé because it looked interesting and was free to watch on Amazon Prime.  Tremé is also about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and follows an entertaining cast of characters as they struggle to rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.  It was riveting, but after seven or eight episodes, I decided I just couldn’t handle the crudity of it anymore.  There was an incredible amount of totally unnecessary sexual elements in the show, and we put up with it for awhile because the story was so interesting, but eventually we gave up.  The bright side, though, was that it sparked my interest in learning more about post-Katrina New Orleans.

I’m listening to … Classical Clubhouse Dance-Along

Well, this is what I’m listening to with the girls, anyway!  It’s a great CD to put on when I’m trying to get work done and they’re playing.  They are sometimes inspired to actually dance to it, which is great – but more importantly, everyone in the house enjoys the music, which is more than I can say for some other things Maggie likes to listen to, haha.

On my own time, I’m listening to Al Kresta.  I listen to a fair amount of Catholic talk radio throughout the day, and some of it is just OK, but Al Kresta is my fave.  He covers church issues, political issues, culture issues, and I almost always find him to be just spot-on.  He has a lot of great guests on his show, and I’m always learning something new listening to him.


That’s all for tonight, friends!  Actually I’m just trying to finish this blog post fast so I can go read more Katrina.  It’s really that good.


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