Why I Let My Kids “Get into Everything”


She pulls the diapers out of the box into the middle of the floor in front of the door and sits on one of the packs. I negatively anticipate her learning how to open the pack, followed by diapers strewn ALL OVER the room, then the hallway, then the stairway, and inevitable leading to one of my worst fears: poop everywhere due to diapers everywhere EXCEPT where you need them during a changing session. But to her, the reality of hauling the diapers out of storage is that they become a truck! Or, something to bounce on! Or! Something-I-will-never-think-of-because-I lack-imagination. But she will think of some fun way to occupy herself by “getting into” something that is not a toy. And if she doesn’t think of something, little brother will!

So, I have decided to get off my high horse and let them get in to things. Listing why:

  • They seem to play better together when I leave them to themselves. This seems to include leaving them to explore, and destroy, our mostly baby proofed home.
  • Because our home is mostly baby proofed, they can’t very easily destroy what they “get in to”.
  • I figure they will “destroy” things, whether I let them mess around with non-toy things, or not.  The reality is, they are children and accidentaly treat everything more roughly than we sophisticated adults.
  • What they play with is just a matter of definitions and semantics.
  • As is the word “destroy”.
  • Similarly, the house will be cluttered whether I let them get into everything or not. It will either be cluttered with toys, no matter what limits I set to what they can use for play.
  • I do truly believe that it increases imagination, creativity, and problem solving.
  • And for sure, it is fun!…
  • …for them…
  • …and it is becoming fun for me, too. It helps to remind myself of the benefits using the above list. 🙂

Happy Friday All!



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