The Three Hour Glucose Test

Author’s Note: I wrote this post earlier in the week while at a lab having a 3 hour glucose test done.  

I’m sitting at a clinic in town waiting for my third blood draw for my three-hour glucose test.  I’ve been here for a few hours already.  I’ve done this before with baby number 1, but this time it’s different… in a good way.

With the glucose test for baby 1, I was scared and nervous.  I had a friend come with me because my husband was at work.  It was great having this friend there.  She really showed the Lord’s love to me that day.

Today looks different. I am not scared, just tempted to be negative.  I rushed to get myself ready and get my two-year old out the door to a babysitter, who graciously agreed to watch him with less than 24 hours notice. She knows who she is.  Thank you!

Going out the door, my son had a tantrum.  He refused to put boots on and then refused shoes only to ask for boots.  Huh?  He threw his sippy cup into the dirt out of protest and then whined because his sippy was dirty.  Frustrating.

The babysitter met us at the car, per my request, and took him inside her house.  I later received a text he was happy.  Great!

Now back to the waiting room. This time around, I am relaxed as can be and enjoying free WiFi on my laptop and an endless cup of water so they can get a good draw of blood.  I will have four uninterrupted hours all to myself (with a few breaks for blood draws.)

So now a little background to today.  Last night when I was struggling with having to come in yet again for this test, a friend suggested I look at this as an opportunity for some time to myself.  That was such a great suggestion.  It helped me to change my attitude about having to take this test…again.

I am also using this experience as an opportunity to be thankful for the ways God is taking care of me today.  It would be easy to go down the road of negative thoughts today. No one likes a whole morning of getting poked and going without food, but God has given me grace today to stop negative thought patterns and find ways to be thankful.

Author’s Note: Since writing this blog post, I found out that I passed the three-hour glucose test!  




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