Mangy Monday Summery Summary


Some sweet family times. I’m attempting discipline: sitting down AND relating to my family WHILE leaving my phone in my pocket. In other words, when I do all these things at the same time, such sweetness ensues that I am compelled to take OUT my phone to snap a picture.


The contents of my car on Thursday, after bringing some items inside. Many thanks to Kate and Seth for the bread maker! This is all so random it cracks me up, especially when considering that there was also a topsy-turvey Nutri-bullet set (thanks Kate and Seth!) in the back, a huge slice of snicker pie for honey (thanks Kate and Seth!) balanced on a car seat base, an overloaded daiper bag in which – it was later discovered – sat a rotting apple, etc.


The summery part of this summary. (She’s still got it!)


Gifts from St. Nick! The ornament on the left is really cool. We found this old key inside one of our doors, and St. Nick’s – ahem – elf, who still has a fever, made a 3d display case for it. Except the glue evaporated or something and got everywhere and our daughter pulled on the exact worst (weakest) spot, and while putting it down per our request – so that it wouldn’t break further – stepped on the ornament that had been in my boot, and so that one broke too. Still, she discovered the presents with as much delight and surprise as anyone could ask for, they played with the ornaments all day, and we got to talk with them about St. Nicholas and Jesus coming soon. So I am calling it a successful day.


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