Frumpy Friday

I’ve been eating the cute little jars of puppy chow that we were supposed to give to neighbors at Christmas time. We’ve been roughly 50% effective at handing them out, and the remainder are pretty much the only chocolate we have in the house, and my memory for chocolate is like that of an elephant. Thus “frumpy” has become a feeling, a look, and a blog post topic.

The more responsible side of me has taken to taking pictures of recipes, then uploading them to Pinterest. My theory is that this way, “all” recipes will be in “one” place. So far, so good. Now I don’t have to remove myself from the couch where I am eating puppy chow and checking the news on my phone in order to plan meals and update our shopping list app. It’s a huge step in efficiency! 😉 (PS: this recipe is a huge winner Winner chicken DINNER.)

Non traditional toys continue to be big hits around here. In the above shot, you see how my attempt at blocking the kitchen doorway with a turned over stool has turned into an opportunity for them to have an indoor jungle gym. I wish I could say I was smart enough to anticipate this, but no, I vainly thought it may deter them from entering the kitchen (which it didn’t). But it occupied them outside the kitchen, albeit eventually!

That’s all I got. This puppy chow business is really weighing me down. Literally! Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?!


Miss Mary Clare


Prayers from an Elderly Lutheran that Worked for this Roman Catholic


My first bed rest obsession was all the worry and research that goes along with wanting a good and safe labor and birth experience. I spent hours fretting over all the tubes I didn’t want going in me while having contractions, how they would for sure lead to a c-section, how the baby would probably have major health issues, and how the surgery was going to forcefully impose MORE bedrest, just at the time when I could be freed from it by giving birth. I read and researched, hired a wonderful doula, watched the second The Business of Being Born documentary (I do recommend it!), talked with my doctor about my plan for a drug and induction free delivery, and worried some more. Continue reading

Happy Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!

41359 - Edited - Cropped 11x14

A quick post before the week is over. This week sneaks up on me every year! Here’s more information from the Vatican, and from the World Council of Churches.

Erik and I are an ecumenical couple. He’s ELCA Lutheran, and I’m Roman Catholic. So this week hits pretty close to home (pun intended!).

Above you see our “great cloud of witnesses”, which was also our wedding party, at Erik’s church, where we took our pictures. Fun fact: when we get together with our best man and his wife, we represent 4 different denominations! I just love that. Then we got hitched at my church.


That’s my dad practicing the psalm in the background. Early on in our relationship I said, “He’s Lutheran, is that ok?” Dad responded, “sure, but it’s not so much about what I think, anyways.” Amen.

How We Got through the Winter, Sort of

Last April, a visiting friend asked, “So, how did you survive the winter?” I didn’t have the guts to tell the whole truth, which is that, “we didn’t.” I mean, we’re still alive and all, but the winter of 2014-2015 was really, really hard. We handled it poorly. As summer was coming to a close this year, I was already tensly anti-anticipating the cold and isolation, knowing that I hadn’t really recovered from last winter.  I’m going to tell you this story to help with hope. There is hope! (And please, don’t pitty me. I do that plenty for both of us. Plus, pity is futile, so I’ve stopped that. I’m trying to stop that. I’m sort-of stopping that. ;))

By Thanksgiving of 2014, the situation was this: we had a very new (to us) home that wasn’t homey, an even newer baby, a toddler who was waking at o’dark thirty every night, several home issues including one which kicked us out of the house for 2 weeks, a crazy new diet for this nursing mom that seemed medically necessary yet impossible, and a baby who screamed – ear shatteringly – every time I put him down. Continue reading

How We Clean, Sortof


Room Re-Arrangement of the Month Club, January Edition. Just kidding! Just cleaning the wood floors.

I asked for help.Why? Because our mud room looked like this:


And this is 25% of 25% of our main living space. Seventy-five percent of that 25% looks the same or worse:


I asked for help because I need it, because a family member gently encouraged me, because we’ve been living like this for as long as we’ve had this home, because I said I would, because God gave me grace to be humble. Continue reading

Some Perspective on Time after Having Babies

I’ve been thinking lately about the passage of time, particularly how it passes since becoming a parent, and Sheila’s post, grateful, is right in line with my best thoughts on the subject. How’s that for unity from 500 miles apart?!

March-ish, 2015:

“It won’t always be like this. That’s what got me through.”

“But that doesn’t necessarily help, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t help at the moment.”

When you’ve been through a harder than expected 4th trimester, and you feel that finally your 2nd infant, and therefor your family, may finally be adjusting to normalcy (or a new normal), and instead end up taking him, often screaming,to 12 medical appointments in 7 weeks; or when all winter you’ve passed illness around the house in a continuous loop; or when you’re on bedrest, it is true (usually) that things will get better. And, sometimes, for some people, it helps to know this right in the thick of it all. It’s hope, really. And hope is essential to emotional health. (Actually, hope is far more important than just an individual’s mental health, but that’s a huge topic that I can’t cover today. Maybe tomorrow ;)) Continue reading