Frumpy Friday

I’ve been eating the cute little jars of puppy chow that we were supposed to give to neighbors at Christmas time. We’ve been roughly 50% effective at handing them out, and the remainder are pretty much the only chocolate we have in the house, and my memory for chocolate is like that of an elephant. Thus “frumpy” has become a feeling, a look, and a blog post topic.

The more responsible side of me has taken to taking pictures of recipes, then uploading them to Pinterest. My theory is that this way, “all” recipes will be in “one” place. So far, so good. Now I don’t have to remove myself from the couch where I am eating puppy chow and checking the news on my phone in order to plan meals and update our shopping list app. It’s a huge step in efficiency! 😉 (PS: this recipe is a huge winner Winner chicken DINNER.)

Non traditional toys continue to be big hits around here. In the above shot, you see how my attempt at blocking the kitchen doorway with a turned over stool has turned into an opportunity for them to have an indoor jungle gym. I wish I could say I was smart enough to anticipate this, but no, I vainly thought it may deter them from entering the kitchen (which it didn’t). But it occupied them outside the kitchen, albeit eventually!

That’s all I got. This puppy chow business is really weighing me down. Literally! Happy Friday everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?!


Miss Mary Clare


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