Birth Story Part 1- Precipitous Labor

About 4 weeks ago, on March 9, our family welcomed Baby Boy 2 into the family!  He came right on his due date, but not without making a grand and fast entrance into the world.

My first baby was two weeks early.  He was born in May 2013.  My labor was 16 hours long.  I had a spinal block (epidural did not work- that’s its own story) and experienced a pretty typical labor and delivery process.   Labor came with no doubt.  I did not have Braxton Hicks contractions at all, so I knew it was for real.

So as I approached the two week mark before my second son’s due date, I knew it could indeed happen early again so, I became vigilant for any slight signs of labor.  But it didn’t happen.  They say no two pregnancies are alike.  Yes, that’s true! Little did I know for two weeks, I would have countless Braxton Hicks contractions but no real labor.  I began to get used to these false alarms, knowing the real thing would come soon and follow a familiar pattern like before.

As the days passed and I got closer to my actual due date, I took this time to plan out my upcoming birth experience in my head.  I imagined it would be a shorter labor of 5-6 hours. I would arrive at the hospital with mild contractions and begin the labor process with my IV antibiotics since I tested positive for group B strep.  I would meet the doula at the hospital, and she would coach me through labor and help me try to be more present and peacefully through this labor.  Unlike last time, I would not panic.  I planned to have a light epidural offered at just the right moment because I decided that doing it naturally was not going to be my plan.  But this scenario was was not to be my birth story.  I heard of women with really fast labors barely making it to the hospital, but surely that wouldn’t be my birth story. Or would it?

To be continued…


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