Yes, I Found a Dress


You are all so kind! I loved the conversations at the wedding as well as the comments on facebook after writing about my horrible dress shopping experience last week. Really, the whole time I thought it was all rather humerous, and I wasn’t particularly discouraged by tummy pludge at the time, but I was encouraged non the less. And to tell the truth, instead of going with one of the very lovely dresses I tried on that day, I stuck with what you see above, which the week before my sister had helped me choose. Sisters are better judges of dresses, and much more kind towards self-image. 🙂

It was a fantastic wedding, it was my birthday, and yesterday was our anniversary. Unless you count that I marinated meat (I never do that. Who has the time?), the only “special” thing we did yesterday is meet for lunch in the middle of Erik’s work day. Yet the whole day, I was filled with joy, and it was so much easier to celebrate our anniversary than it is to celebrate my birthday! Who knew?! I’m still marinating in these thoughts, so I can’t quite come out with a reason for this, for you all. But I suspect it has to do with: a) it’s a shared celebration, b) admitting aging is not such an integral part of anniversaries, as it is with birthdays, c) getting married is something I remember. Being born, not so much.


Mary Clare


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