loving the home I have


Usually it’s the kitchen that gets me.  Sometimes it’s just the square footage.  A sunroom, a nice laundry room, and oh, an attached garage?  A two-car attached garage?  Be still my heart.

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of looking at houses online.  We’re not looking to move right now, but we’ll probably move sometime in the not-too-distant future, so I like to keep my eyes open for houses in the area that could work for us.  It’s not exactly a bad habit – at times it’s just a really fun hobby – but of course it has the potential to breed discontent.  So every once in awhile, I find it helpful to step back and think of all the things I love about our current home.

We have a really cute house.  It was built in the 20s and has hardwood floors and lots of charm.  (And is in great shape for its age!)  It’s in a great neighborhood, close to downtown & Pete’s work, close to the Y and the Farmer’s Market and the library and the river, and most importantly close to many of our friends.

The house starts with a screened-in brick front porch.  My favorite time to be out there is during summer thunderstorms.  It’s also great to have a sheltered place to set down the baby’s carseat while I unlock the front door when it’s raining or snowing!

Our living room has an awesome fireplace – we practically live in front of it during the winter!  I love waking up to the fragrance of wood smoke during winter weekends.  The girls love to help Pete build the fire.


Moving from the living room into the dining room … (can I mention the doorway between these two is a cute little arch?) … our dining room has a stained glass window.  A previous owner put it in about fifteen years ago; it’s from a decommissioned church.  I find it extra-special to have stained glass in our home because Pete’s grandfather was a stained-glass artist.  The dining room is also bigger than many others we’ve seen in this neighborhood, which is important to me because we love to host family & friends for dinner.


The kitchen may be my favorite – maybe just because I love to cook so much!  But it is compact and efficient, exactly as much space as I need.  Ingredients and kitchen tools are always within arm’s reach.  There are windows above the stove and above the sink, so there’s always great daylight in there, and I have a perfect view of our back yard so that I can work on dinner or dishes while the girls play outside.

And outside … just keeps getting better and better.  Pete put up the playset last summer, and we recently got the girls a sandbox too.  They spend so much time playing outside now!  It’s all fenced in so I never have to worry about the two-year-old wandering off.  The yard is ornamented by lilac bushes, a mock orange tree, a Rose of Sharon, and a row of tigerlilies.  So pretty!


Just writing this has put me in a good mood.  Once I post it I’ll probably still check online to see if any new four-bedroom houses have gone up for sale nearby … but hopefully I’ll remember that I really am happy in the home I already have.


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