happy Mother’s Day

IMG_4774“It.  Is.  Mother’s Day!” she hissed through gritted teeth to her young son.

This was during Mass on Mother’s Day several years ago, before I had kids.  A row or two ahead of me in the church was an immaculately dressed family with a few young kids, one of whom was being rather rambunctious.  His poor mother – all she wanted was a peaceful church service with her beautiful family.  Unfortunately, Mother’s Day did not cast a magic spell over her children to make them behave.

I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day, but I’m also being realistic.  I’ve told my husband what I’d like for MD brunch, but during said brunch, probably the four-year-old will interrupt the conversation constantly, and the two-year-old will scream when she wants more or wants to get down from her high chair, and the baby will get tired and I’ll have to leave my coffee and French toast on the table to get cold while I nurse her to sleep.

And that’s actually the best case scenario!  There could be a full-blown temper tantrum in there somewhere, and/or someone could get sick.  There is no guarantee that Mother’s Day will even be tolerable, much less enjoyable.

Does it sound like I’m complaining?  That’s not what I mean to do here.  What I really mean to say is that I’m happy to be a mother, whether or not Mother’s Day turns out well.  I intend to enjoy whatever I can from the day – the dandelions picked from the yard, the “APPY HMOTH ERDSAY” card, and everything my sweet husband does to make the day as fun and relaxing and possible – but I’m resolving to be OK if I spend all day cleaning up after a kid with the stomach flu.

Because some other day – some random Wednesday, maybe – I’ll have a stupendous day with the kids.  The house will happen to be pretty clean, and we’ll all have gotten a decent amount of sleep, and nobody will throw a temper tantrum, and we’ll get together with friends, and the kids will like what I cook for dinner, and I’ll watch a fun movie with my husband after the kiddos are asleep.  Bad days happen, but good days happen too.  Who knows what kind this Sunday will be?

Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope you all have a great day … sometime 🙂


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