“Flustration” and “Piggy Boom”

Here’s a peak into our world lately:

  1. Flustration. Hours upon hours of excessive introspection over what the heck is wrong with me have culminated into coining this handy word. Lately, it simply seems that there is much over which I am flustered and/or frustrated, for days at a time. Forgetting bananas at the grocery store; both kids yelling while I drop something and scream; a seeming inability to complete the most simple of household chores, etc. The stupid part of the whole deal is that none of my anxiety is over anything that’s substantively worth fussing over! So, while it has been helpful to name the state of affairs, it is also helpful to throw it all out the window and try to focus my mind and energies on more important matters such as how to help my children (and myself) deal with flustration in ways other than yelling.
  2. “Piggy Boom”. Can you guess what smart phone game “Piggy Boom” refers to? Yep! Angry Birds. My husband has discovered that another way to dissipate flustration is to get the kids on his lap and watch the piggies go boom. They coined this phrase themselves, not knowing the actual title. So. Cute.

With that, I must sign off. Happy weekend, all!

Mary Clare


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