notes on joy

Amidst tiredness, busy-ness, and my three crazy kiddos, it occurred to me today to review my notes from last year’s women’s retreat on joy.  Here are some gems for you …

  • joy has its source in the Lord … in the knowledge that we are loved by God … unlike happiness, which is fleeting, the presence of God is always with us.
  • we need to pray, we need silence [ha!  Silence with three kids in the house?!  Well, maybe go check out MC’s ninja tricks for prayer time], we need to remember the Lord’s great deeds, and we need to read Scripture … all ways to remain in the Lord’s presence.
  • What does joy look like when we don’t feel happy?  Knowledge that the Lord is with me.  Trust.  To the degree that we don’t know what to do, that’s the magnitude of the trust we can have in the Lord.  [this one really resonated with me today as I struggle on a very practical level with “what should I do” these days.  There is so much work to be done that I am often perplexed about what to do next, and worried that I will make the wrong choice.  Looks like I can get some great practice here in trusting the Lord …]
  • Joy does not happen to us, we need to choose it daily.
  • gratitude – be intentional about it – write it down.
  • Praise is a way to cultivate joy!
  • I am alive.  I was part of God’s plan from the beginning.  I was intended.  God wants me to be with him forever. [Gosh, it is good to step back sometimes and remember this!]
  • [this note is not from the retreat, but from about a month before it as I was thinking about joy] Maybe I need to stop chasing happiness and start chasing holiness and striving to love better.

I hope one or two of these notes will help put some joy in your day!  Busy-ness and distraction right now mean I am not revising this blog post or even finding a photo to go with it as I usually do.  I’m just throwing it out there.  But I think it was the Spirit who prompted me to review these notes, and I pray that the same Spirit will lead you, here or elsewhere, to some words that will bring you joy.  God bless you today!


One thought on “notes on joy

  1. Sheila you are awesome! Thanks for being frank about the current state of affairs. And I need to marinade in your notes for a while. Totally worth it. And, for what it’s worth from this spelling-challenged soul sister, I can’t find any grammer/spelling mistakes, even though you didn’t proof read! Amazing.


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