The “Our Father” Counts as Prayer

Phew! Somehow a “lazy summer” has gotten busy! I’ve missed checking in here the last couple of weeks.

And, now, I hear some little tykes beginning to wake, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. For all my attempts at a regular, half hour, peaceful prayer time, every day, I learned this summer that when that fails, it totally counts to pause and pray the Lord’s Prayer in pajamas while ascending the steep steps to get the kids out of bed. Continue reading


I Gave Nursing a Second Chance

For the first part of my oldest son’s life, I lived a fog of tiredness. I was sleep deprived and the transition to motherhood was hard. Before “O” was born I dreamed about how much a would love nursing my baby. We went to a birth class and they had us practice holding up fake babies into nursing positions. It all seemed easy and I looked forward to it until…
My baby couldn’t nurse. Continue reading

childcare is an actual job

baby pulling my hair … all just part of the job

Dear fellow stay-at-home mama, you did good work today.  I did too.

You might not feel like you did good work.  Maybe you think, all I did today was take care of the kids.  But you know what?  That’s work.  It’s good work.

You fed them, you dressed them, you played with them, you cleaned them up, you did all of these things over and over.  That is a full day’s work.

It’s awesome when we can do all of those things for our kids and also accomplish something else like errands, cleaning, cooking, social activities, or house projects.  But we don’t need to feel bad when all we did was take care of our kids.

I don’t mean this in a sentimental, motherhood is the best job in the world! kind of way – I mean it in a very practical way.  Taking care of kids is an actual job.  It’s been helpful for me to remember lately that people do this for a living!  People get paid for this.  I don’t, but it makes me feel much better to remember that the work I have chosen to do during the day is, in fact, work.

If you had one of those days today, be encouraged.  You did good work today and you can be proud of yourself.


your comrade-in-arms,


Frumpy Friday Summer Summary


I know that it’s summer, and all, but I gotta tell you: I am really enjoying the in-doors these days. It’s a nice spread, above, isn’t it?!  And the grub got even better when my friend brought chocolate! In this Summer Summary, I’m going to break things down into “departments”. The part of me that misses going into the office every day is very much living vicariously through this lingo.

Friendship Department: See above. A friend told me she wanted to get together to “just talk” “without kids”.  And so we did. Totally extravagant (but not really). Totally necessary. Totally worth it. Totally planning to do it again soon, of course.


Sleep Department: A long time ago, I promised to write a serial story about baby’s sleep in the first year. Now that he’s almost 2, I figure I should write the second installment. 😉 Here goes: he began sleeping through the night at 14-16 months old, after weening. He shares a room with big sister. Even at 16 months, roughly twice a week, he still woke around midnight and needed some attention. I tried to stay out of it so as not to heighten his anxiety. Thank goodness for a willing husband! He began sleeping well for afternoon naps at roughly a year and a half. Last month, he started sleeping less than his big sister at nap time. This seemed weird. I wondered if he was over tired, so I began to again put him down earlier, and before big sister. This has worked wonders for length, although I wonder if it’s partly due to a little GI bug that’s going through the house. Continue reading