Frumpy Friday Summer Summary


I know that it’s summer, and all, but I gotta tell you: I am really enjoying the in-doors these days. It’s a nice spread, above, isn’t it?!  And the grub got even better when my friend brought chocolate! In this Summer Summary, I’m going to break things down into “departments”. The part of me that misses going into the office every day is very much living vicariously through this lingo.

Friendship Department: See above. A friend told me she wanted to get together to “just talk” “without kids”.  And so we did. Totally extravagant (but not really). Totally necessary. Totally worth it. Totally planning to do it again soon, of course.


Sleep Department: A long time ago, I promised to write a serial story about baby’s sleep in the first year. Now that he’s almost 2, I figure I should write the second installment. 😉 Here goes: he began sleeping through the night at 14-16 months old, after weening. He shares a room with big sister. Even at 16 months, roughly twice a week, he still woke around midnight and needed some attention. I tried to stay out of it so as not to heighten his anxiety. Thank goodness for a willing husband! He began sleeping well for afternoon naps at roughly a year and a half. Last month, he started sleeping less than his big sister at nap time. This seemed weird. I wondered if he was over tired, so I began to again put him down earlier, and before big sister. This has worked wonders for length, although I wonder if it’s partly due to a little GI bug that’s going through the house.


Furniture Re-arrangement of the Month Club, Volume I-Don’t-Know-When, Department: The above is the real life “the laundry is never done” version of this, more, shall we say, streamlined style:


Our New Couch and Chairs Department: Ta-da!!! The paint got painted, the corner where they would go got cleaned (notice I didn’t promise that ALL of the corners of the living room got cleaned), the furniture got delivered, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I could finally focus on something less material and more meaningful, or at least less expensive. Until I talked to an interior designer who pointed out that the browns and other colors in our existing rug just don’t work. They deaden the effect. So we’re searching for a new rug. This Valencia rug from Target might just do the trick. Close your eyes if you could care less about interior decor! I won’t be offended. I’m tired of it, myself. And I LOVE interior decorating!


What do you think? Too bright? Too big of a pattern? What I like about it is that it brings in more color, without being warm and deadening the airy feel that we are going for. We’re a little bit stuck in the blue/gray arena unless we can find a rug with more color, like this one. I hope.

Okay, you can open your eyes now!


Nutrition Department: Our 3+ year old is enjoying broccoli, all the sudden. Our 21 month old is so eager to be just like big sister, he has started to take a bite of a vegetable, casually, once a week or so, but only if we pretend we’re not watching. I am struggling still with some GI issues and general exhaustion, despite keeping a pretty firm bedtime of 9:30-10:30 p.m. and sleeping for 8+ hours per night. I asked the Lord this week to please, please, “just give me the answer. It’s not cheating to give me the answers, if I’m not in school, right? Right?” He might just inspire me all the sudden, although nothing has hit me over the head yet as to what food thing is causing my ailments.  I really do believe that nutrition is a big part of it. Which brings up the question, have any of you ever done an elimination diet? What form did you follow? I need some hand-holding on this one, if I decide to do it. Just some history, in case you care, and, please, close your eyes if you don’t! I’ll never know the difference! I gave up wheat for 2 full months last summer and saw no big changes during any part of that. A year and a half ago I gave up all grains, all refined sugar, alcohol, coffee; and every day I ate tons’o veggies, beans, protein, and nuts. I had a new born, and weekends and events are tricky, so I wasn’t 100% following this diet, but I really feel I gave it more than a college try. For about a year I’ve been trying to curtail most gluten consumption, as well as cutting back on sugar and hydrogenated oils. I also try to eat a HUGE amount of salad greens each day. That combined with a daily probiotic and alternating Greek yogurt and eggs for breakfast has made a positive difference, but never for enough time for me to be sure that that’s all I need to do in order to stay reasonably healthy.

Okay, you can open your eyes now! And just in time to bid farewell! Hope your weekend is nicely patriotic!


Miss Mary Clare

PS: OMGoodness. I just realized the horror that is the detail in the refrigerator picture, above. I have no excuses, only silly explanations. Better to just not look too closely. : D



2 thoughts on “Frumpy Friday Summer Summary

  1. Just a thought on the exhaustion: have you had your vitamin d level checked ? My littlest had major sleeping trouble too but then once that got better the fatigue didn’t, finally went to the doc did a blood test. Anyway once I started taking vitamin D I noticed a BIG difference with my energy levels 🙂 – Kylea


  2. Hi Kylea, thanks much for asking! I had a complete blood work-up in November, but I honestly don’t remember if Vitamin D was included. I’ll ask my doctor about that! I am so glad that this worked for you!


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