childcare is an actual job

baby pulling my hair … all just part of the job

Dear fellow stay-at-home mama, you did good work today.  I did too.

You might not feel like you did good work.  Maybe you think, all I did today was take care of the kids.  But you know what?  That’s work.  It’s good work.

You fed them, you dressed them, you played with them, you cleaned them up, you did all of these things over and over.  That is a full day’s work.

It’s awesome when we can do all of those things for our kids and also accomplish something else like errands, cleaning, cooking, social activities, or house projects.  But we don’t need to feel bad when all we did was take care of our kids.

I don’t mean this in a sentimental, motherhood is the best job in the world! kind of way – I mean it in a very practical way.  Taking care of kids is an actual job.  It’s been helpful for me to remember lately that people do this for a living!  People get paid for this.  I don’t, but it makes me feel much better to remember that the work I have chosen to do during the day is, in fact, work.

If you had one of those days today, be encouraged.  You did good work today and you can be proud of yourself.


your comrade-in-arms,



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