a mop, a pot, and a life in common

One Monday evening I stepped out my front door carrying a mop in one hand and a big red soup pot in the other.  Where was I going?  To women’s group, of course.

I’m privileged to share life with four (used to be five, we miss you Mary!) women from all different stages of life.  Married and unmarried, younger and slightly less young, working or at home or retired … what we have in common is a love for the Lord and a commitment to one another.

Lately, that commitment has meant helping each other move.  One friend moved away to Boston, another is in the midst of an in-town move, and in both cases, our group has spent our Monday night meeting time packing up kitchenware.  (Anyone who has been able has helped out at various other times too, and our husbands and friends have gathered on Tuesday nights to load and unload moving vans with unparalleled teamwork.)

This particular Monday, I was off to my friend’s new house to help do some cleaning while it was empty of furniture.  As we mopped the floors and washed the windows, we rejoiced at how lovely and spacious the house was.  When we finished cleaning we stepped out back to admire the back yard.  Because we know our friend and her family, we knew how much the fourth bedroom, the master bath, and even the large driveway would mean to her.  Her joy was our joy.

And what about that pot I brought with me?  Well, it was my turn to be served as well.  One of the dear women in my group recently retired from teaching, and decided one thing she’d like to do with her time is help me out by cooking dinner for me.  That night after we finished cleaning, she took my pot and the ingredients inside it home with her, and she returned them to my house two days later cooked and ready for us.

This, I am pretty sure, is what everyone needs – a community to be part of where you can serve and be served, where you know your friends’ joys and hardships and needs, and where your commitment to one another ensures that those joys and hardships are shared and those needs are met.  Where it makes sense to bring yourself and a mop and a pot, and to make good use of all three.


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