The “Our Father” Counts as Prayer

Phew! Somehow a “lazy summer” has gotten busy! I’ve missed checking in here the last couple of weeks.

And, now, I hear some little tykes beginning to wake, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. For all my attempts at a regular, half hour, peaceful prayer time, every day, I learned this summer that when that fails, it totally counts to pause and pray the Lord’s Prayer in pajamas while ascending the steep steps to get the kids out of bed.

One day during our painting extravaganza I did just that. And it totally worked. I was amazed how every phrase in the prayer had true implications for our life at that moment, and vice versa. The Lord and I took care of praise (which is the most important part!), thanksgiving, worries, concerns, intentions, spiritual battle, and every other thing on my mind. I even was able to remember to mention a couple of things that weren’t at top of mind. And it took roughly 45 seconds! Amazing. Totally prayer. Totally do-able.

I started to write down the “Mary Clare in the Moment Lord’s Prayer”, because it’s a super interesting translation, and I want to remember the Lord’s kindness in showing me how wonderful his prayer is. But I haven’t finished it yet. Maybe one day I will post it here.

In the meantime, farewell! God bless you! Gotta run get kids. I may pause on the steps to breathe a quick prayer, though. No shame in having the kids wait for that. 🙂




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