A lawn mower, a random play date, and hangry-ness.


Feeling quite discouraged about not being a light to my neighbors, I hurried to church with our almost two year old. (Ask me sometime about the beached whale style dive I made into my car instead of introducing myself to the new family on the block. And other graceful stories.) Back to the current story: we walk the block and a half to get there, and we are always late. He stopped to check out a lawnmower on the sidewalk, and as he fascinates over it the owner comes up, apologizes, asks if we are going to church (yes), asks what I think of it (I like it. They have a cry room, and they are welcoming), and says he’s been getting an itch to maybe start going back. Turns out he was a lifelong, faithful churchgoer until his dad died.

I felt encouraged that I was there to talk with the guy. As a friend put it, “I think the Lord meets us where we are at.”

This morning upon waking, I felt emotionally and physically incapable of carrying out my plan for working in the house: folding laundry, miscellaneous de-cluttering, then taking a walk before lunch and blogging after lunch. I thought “I want to run off to a friend’s house for a play date instead. I wonder who’s available.” Got a text (late) from a random friend who asked if they could come over for a play date. They arrived just before I finished washing the kitchen floor and giving the other floors on the main level their 23rd consecutive “lick and a promise”. We got our play date and the floors got [sortof] clean!

Then a wonderful brother in the Lord stopped by to look at our oven again. It’s on the fritz. I had thought the night before about trying to teach the kids something about mechanics. He did instead.

Then we were late getting lunch into our bodies which, of course, put naps in jeopardy. And I screamed at one of the kids when they mentioned the dinosaur sandwich cutout that I was looking for. And I thought to myself “no one in this despicable state can in good faith write a positive, inspiring blog post.”


(I felt just as clean and calm as this, which is the current state of our silverware drawer. And, no, none of our silverware is currently in there. It was with my sanity, wherever that was.)

And then I remembered the lawn mower guy and my friend who came with her toddler and our friend who came for the stove (because, “we’re family”), and I decided to tell you about it.

There. I’ve told you about it.

Here. Here is evidence of the Holy Spirit.


Love, MMC


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