My Baby, My Gift


Author’s Note:  This is a blog post from three months ago describing my then 3 month old baby.  At the time I didn’t publish it because it didn’t seem important, but now it does.  Enjoy.  The photo above is of that very moment.

I had a crabby baby that night.  He was sick and wanted to be held.  He just didn’t want to be put down.  He cried every time I set him down.  Nothing was working, so I put him in a baby wrap, and snuggled him close to me.  I turned on music on my phone and stuck the phone in the little pocket in the baby wrap.  The songs were beautiful.  Even though my back ached, I held him, and “danced” with him.  It was so comforting, it put him to sleep.  As he lay against me, I just took a moment to enjoy the soft feel of his hair next to my cheek and the sweet smell of his skin.  You see, this baby is special to me.  He is an answer to prayers for us.  He arrived not on our time, but Gods.  He is a gift to me and when things get stressful, I thank God for my baby and ask Him to help give me the gifts I need to be his mom.


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