dirty diapers happen


I used to groan at the thought of changing my daughter’s dirty diaper.  To be fair, my oldest was exceptionally difficult to change – now that I have three kids I’m allowed to say that, right?  Any diaper change was terrible, but dirty ones were the worst, so when I saw that face or smelled something stinky, I automatically got into a bad mood.  I hated it, I didn’t want to do it, but I had to do it.

But … you know what?  Dirty diapers happen.  They are going to happen … regularly.  (Ha!)  At some point I realized, if I need to do this several times a day, I should figure out how to do it without getting into a bad mood.  Because if a dirty diaper ruins my day, I am going to have nothing but bad days.

During the worst days of diaper-changing, it helped me to sing a praise & worship song while changing the diaper.  (“All Your Promises.”  Always the same song so that I didn’t have to think of one.)  I sang it loudly to drown out my screaming daughter and keep myself from getting too irritated.  It helped … and eventually she got older and potty-trained, and my two younger ones have been easier to change.

But sometimes I still need to remind myself.  I’ll sit down with a hot cup of coffee, and then my baby girl will come crawling over with a big smile and a pungent aroma, and I just need to take a deep breath and remind myself … dirty diapers happen.


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