Custom Power Poem for All Us Mamas


I am blown away. WP_20170928_003

This beautiful poem from a dear grandma lady, who is in our community, arrived in the mail today. I called Karen Beltz to thank her, and to ask if I could post it here. She wrote it for me. I just know that it’s for all of us.

Read it and enjoy. (I believe if you click on it, you can then zoom in to see better each page).


I, for one, am still digesting it. I think I will read it every day.

Blessings to you and yours,

Mary Clare



Mercy is Blue, and Other Mom Moments

Mercy is Blue, a 3 word poem that came to mind as I tiptoed through the garden hose to turn on the water to clean off the rocks that we got at the construction site nearby. “Mercy” has pride of place in our kitchen, where I wrote the word during Lent during potty training, which we still have not completed. I guess mercy, too, is never finished.

Blue mercy is especially important since it is Josh’s all time and only  favorite color for all time, and big sister has finally admitted that it is her “best” as well. Mercy is so personal.

Mercy me, I often teared up several years back, every time I thought of my own mother. I think, now that I know that mercy is blue, that I was blue, remembering her mercy.  To me.


Here they are, playing on the teeter totter with one of the rocks. Which, considering it is only a mere rock, is an act if mercy, yes?! Ok, I admit, that’s stretching our definition a little far. 😉 I do it for the sake of the unity of this random post. But the rock isn’t blue. And neither are you, I hope!

There! Another poem. So this post is totally unified. 😀

Happy end of summer and beginning of fall, friends!