Prayers from an Elderly Lutheran that Worked for this Roman Catholic


My first bed rest obsession was all the worry and research that goes along with wanting a good and safe labor and birth experience. I spent hours fretting over all the tubes I didn’t want going in me while having contractions, how they would for sure lead to a c-section, how the baby would probably have major health issues, and how the surgery was going to forcefully impose MORE bedrest, just at the time when I could be freed from it by giving birth. I read and researched, hired a wonderful doula, watched the second The Business of Being Born documentary (I do recommend it!), talked with my doctor about my plan for a drug and induction free delivery, and worried some more. Continue reading


Happy Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!

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A quick post before the week is over. This week sneaks up on me every year! Here’s more information from the Vatican, and from the World Council of Churches.

Erik and I are an ecumenical couple. He’s ELCA Lutheran, and I’m Roman Catholic. So this week hits pretty close to home (pun intended!).

Above you see our “great cloud of witnesses”, which was also our wedding party, at Erik’s church, where we took our pictures. Fun fact: when we get together with our best man and his wife, we represent 4 different denominations! I just love that. Then we got hitched at my church.


That’s my dad practicing the psalm in the background. Early on in our relationship I said, “He’s Lutheran, is that ok?” Dad responded, “sure, but it’s not so much about what I think, anyways.” Amen.