Birth Story Part 3: Precipitous Labor

Note: In case, you need to get caught up, please refer to part 1 and part 2 of my labor story.

So the moment finally came when we were heading to the hospital, but the contractions were so intense I couldn’t sit down in the car.  My husband suggested that I should lay down in the back seat, but that sounded awful to me.  I decided to wait out this one intense contraction and get in the car with the hopes that I could make it to the hospital without many more contractions. Luckily, we live very close to the hospital in town.

However, the ride to the hospital was tortuous.  I held onto the handle bar on the top of the car as intense contractions came over me, without much break in between.  In the 6 minute car ride it seemed as if I had nonstop contractions.  I texted my doula to meet us at the hospital. I couldn’t even talk to call the midwife the pains were so intense.  These contractions were nothing like the light contractions I felt on the way to the hospital with my first baby.  I thought to myself- there is no way I can endure hours of this!

When we got the hospital parking garage,  we parked, and I flew out of the car while my husband carefully turned off the vehicle.  I got to the front desk of the childbirth unit and told them I was in a lot of pain.  Then I told her I felt like I had to push. She asked me if I wanted to walk or go in a wheelchair to the triage, and I said- neither!  I was having a bad contraction, so I told them to wait until my contraction was over.  After it finished, I got in the wheelchair, and went to triage.

The moment I got in there, my water broke drastically. I got on the bed, and they said- You are crowning.  One more contraction and the baby will be born.  At this point, I freaked out.  I didn’t have my doula or midwife, and the biggest concern- there would be no time for my epidural.  The thought of a natural birth terrified me.  I panicked, and finally the resident doctor asked me what the baby’s name will be.  I told him.  Then, he said *** will be born very soon [I like to keep kids names private in my blogging].  Then, a moment later, with one push, my little bundle of joy- all 7 lbs 15 oz- was in my arms.  Soon after the doula and midwife arrived in triage.

This birth experience was fast and intense and quite different from a long labor.  It was intense and challenging in a different way than the 16 hour labor with my first baby.  Long labor was exhausting, but precipitous labor was like going down a tall, steep roller-coaster drop off- very intense!  Mentally I was not prepared for it.  And of course, like they always say, it was very different from I hoped for on my birth plan.  I NEVER thought I would give birth naturally.  But then again, I never imagined I would be among the women with crazy fast labors.


Birth Story Part 1- Precipitous Labor

About 4 weeks ago, on March 9, our family welcomed Baby Boy 2 into the family!  He came right on his due date, but not without making a grand and fast entrance into the world.

My first baby was two weeks early.  He was born in May 2013.  My labor was 16 hours long.  I had a spinal block (epidural did not work- that’s its own story) and experienced a pretty typical labor and delivery process.   Labor came with no doubt.  I did not have Braxton Hicks contractions at all, so I knew it was for real.

So as I approached the two week mark before my second son’s due date, I knew it could indeed happen early again so, I became vigilant for any slight signs of labor.  But it didn’t happen.  They say no two pregnancies are alike.  Yes, that’s true! Little did I know for two weeks, I would have countless Braxton Hicks contractions but no real labor.  I began to get used to these false alarms, knowing the real thing would come soon and follow a familiar pattern like before.

As the days passed and I got closer to my actual due date, I took this time to plan out my upcoming birth experience in my head.  I imagined it would be a shorter labor of 5-6 hours. I would arrive at the hospital with mild contractions and begin the labor process with my IV antibiotics since I tested positive for group B strep.  I would meet the doula at the hospital, and she would coach me through labor and help me try to be more present and peacefully through this labor.  Unlike last time, I would not panic.  I planned to have a light epidural offered at just the right moment because I decided that doing it naturally was not going to be my plan.  But this scenario was was not to be my birth story.  I heard of women with really fast labors barely making it to the hospital, but surely that wouldn’t be my birth story. Or would it?

To be continued…

The Three Hour Glucose Test

Author’s Note: I wrote this post earlier in the week while at a lab having a 3 hour glucose test done.  

I’m sitting at a clinic in town waiting for my third blood draw for my three-hour glucose test.  I’ve been here for a few hours already.  I’ve done this before with baby number 1, but this time it’s different… in a good way.

With the glucose test for baby 1, I was scared and nervous.  I had a friend come with me because my husband was at work.  It was great having this friend there.  She really showed the Lord’s love to me that day.

Today looks different. I am not scared, just tempted to be negative.  I rushed to get myself ready and get my two-year old out the door to a babysitter, who graciously agreed to watch him with less than 24 hours notice. She knows who she is.  Thank you!

Going out the door, my son had a tantrum.  He refused to put boots on and then refused shoes only to ask for boots.  Huh?  He threw his sippy cup into the dirt out of protest and then whined because his sippy was dirty.  Frustrating.

The babysitter met us at the car, per my request, and took him inside her house.  I later received a text he was happy.  Great!

Now back to the waiting room. This time around, I am relaxed as can be and enjoying free WiFi on my laptop and an endless cup of water so they can get a good draw of blood.  I will have four uninterrupted hours all to myself (with a few breaks for blood draws.)

So now a little background to today.  Last night when I was struggling with having to come in yet again for this test, a friend suggested I look at this as an opportunity for some time to myself.  That was such a great suggestion.  It helped me to change my attitude about having to take this test…again.

I am also using this experience as an opportunity to be thankful for the ways God is taking care of me today.  It would be easy to go down the road of negative thoughts today. No one likes a whole morning of getting poked and going without food, but God has given me grace today to stop negative thought patterns and find ways to be thankful.

Author’s Note: Since writing this blog post, I found out that I passed the three-hour glucose test!