Human Development: suprising baby stages list

Hello, friends! Here’s an article I originally wrote for my personal blog over at Enjoy!

Miss Mary Clare

Everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Everyone, from somewhere in their consciousness, can pick out the stages of a baby’s development. Right?

Milestones such as:
Sleeping through the night
Solid foods

Any book, article, parent Facebook post easily covers these important stages. It’s everywhere. Even someone who doesn’t have kids knows that sleeping through the night is a key milestone, (more so for the parents than the wee babe)!


You know what? There are so many more stages. Our first child is over a year old now, and I marvel at the past year. I wasn’t ready for the whining stage, or the crumbs everywhere stage. We’ve already hit an, albeit minor, version of the terrible twos. Every once in a while, she prostrates herself on the ground. Luckily, we’ve not seen any head banging. Yet. Usually she’s prostrate because she hasn’t gotten what she…

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