Room Re-arrangement of the Month Club, June


Ta – DAA!

I am really loving this new furniture arrangement in our living room. 😉

Actually, the above glamour shot reveals day one of wall repair, in anticipation of painting. There are 6 (yes, six) different gray paint colors on one wall. I still haven’t picked one, Lord help me!

I am short on time, so I will get straight to the moral of this story, from a mothering perspective: when met with such upheaval in life and home (we created further chaos by being out of town with the kids last weekend), stick to the routine as much as possible. Yesterday, I tried napping my kids at our friends house since the work was being done, which means, of course, that they didn’t nap. Kids that haven’t napped at home at least are still home, and to them, I think that really helps their sense of belonging. I wish I had tried naps at our home, like normal. I felt sorry for myself (needlessly!) and had some lovely wine and appetizers after the failed naps, also at my friend’s house. And because I did that, we had little to no time for the very necessary grocery shopping. Therefore, no apples are in sight. Wish I had gotten us out the door and out to our errands sooner! Then, at the store, dear husband calls and doesn’t want to put us through the chaos of wall repair that he is seeing at home, so suggests dinner out. This means that when they finally got home, they were exhausted and disoriented and needed to go straight to bed. Wish I had asked for more details, realized that the dining room, at least, was in no greater state of disorder than when we all left in the morning, and stuck with the plan to eat at home.

I am finding that taking the kids out of town to see grandparents is totally worth the upheaval and stress that it causes to us and them. However, it’s worth the stress to us, once home, to do some extra work (and sacrifice some wine consumption), in order that the daily routine can be maintained as much as possible. This mean that the menu may be frozen pizza in a semi-painted dining room – but our own! – for the foreseeable future.



Miss Mary Clare



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